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In Kassmyraåsen, part of Tumba in the Botkyrka municipality, Scandinavian Property Group is working on the development of a new district, 'Fågelbyn', which will consist of approximately 300 homes and a kindergarten. The area is being shaped into a new neighborhoud with apartments, rental properties and townhouses for people of all ages with focusing on community and the activities happening outside the homes.

Fågelbyn is being built from scratch as part of Botkyrka's plan for Kassmyraåsen with a focus on diversity and the opportunity to create a new neighbourhood in the south of Tumba. This is a nature-friendly residential area where a kindergarten is planned, along with two new parks offering various types of play facilities, one of which is situated in the middle of the housing area. The parks are intended to serve as meeting and gathering places within the area for people to enjoy their own and shared leiisure activities.

This neighbourhood is taking shape at the bus stop by the intersection of Skäcklinge and Finkmossvägen. It is formed of considered architecture with a variety of building types and sizes with open terraces which compliment and connect you to the surrounding nature which has elements of a winter garden.

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Björn Alexanderson
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Box Bygg

We invest in place development for living and thriving, and build sustainable properties for work and innovation. Our driving force and focus on collaboration helps us lead the entire development process from land acquisition to completed homes and workplaces. This allows us to deliver a clear purpose and develop with new and added value.


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