We now have 20 years of experience in governing the entire development process

We have developed a universe of unique and sustainable investments within our focus segments.

Unique to Scandinavian Property Group is its 'gründer' spirit, a form of Scandinavian entrepreneurship that allows us to identify new opportunities in different markets and segments. This cultural foundation has clearly influenced the company's growth during its 20 years as a developer. With offices in both Norway and Sweden, there are opportunities for investment throughout Scandinavia. This is what we call our investment universe.

Our goal is that these opportunities will be transformed into investments, which, in turn, become completed properties and homes for those who will buy, rent or visit. Our approach is what we call 'The SPG way', a collective expression of our combined experience that helps us navigate and manage the complexity when running projects together with investors, municipalities, architects, contractors, without losing focus on our end users.

Group mentality.

Our investment universe is as much about the insightful and driven team we have built up in both Norway and Sweden as it is about the knowledge of the industry's segments and the financial cycles in both countries. Local offices and local knowledge enable cross-border investments based on the current strength of the markets' economies.

A common approach to two markets

Berger Hage in Norway
Atlas in Sweden

Multiple segments provide more experience

It is said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. This kind of concrete approach helps us identify opportunities and invest in exciting real estate developments regardless of segment. Therefore, our goal is to continue building our knowledge base through successful, sustainable and profitable projects in segments where the opportunities exist.

  • Homes

    How we combine social and environmentally friendly site development with good architecture helps us create safe and attractive homes for everyone. With a focus on neighbourhood and community, businesses and residents are given the opportunity for input and ownership. It will be an important part of how we evolve our areas.

  • Communal

    We want to be pioneers in community real estate for both the private and public sectors. Regardless of whether it relates to education, housing for the elderly, LSS housing or childcare, SPG must be an attractive partner.

  • Commercial

    Whether it is about integrating a hotel into a residential building, converting historic properties into co-working spaces or securing inspiring serviced housing near nursing homes, it is our curiosity and drive that helps realise our ideas with our partners.

  • Premises

    Our premises, which we often refer to as Pocket spaces, aim to create a lot of red threads in the neighbourhood. The goal is to generate enough relationships in the immediate area to form a safe and established community that can grow and change in the long term.

  • Warehouse

    We invest in potential building and real-estate projects with the aim to develop sustainable warehouses and industrial properties.

  • Logistics

    In logistics, we focus on offering future-proof properties with renewable energy solutions located close to customers' catchment areas or supplier clusters.

We invest in place development for living and thriving, and build sustainable properties for work and innovation. Our driving force and focus on collaboration helps us lead the entire development process from land acquisition to completed homes and workplaces. This allows us to deliver a clear purpose and develop with new and added value.

How we




Land owner

Although land allocations from municipalities are an important part of where and how we build, it is also part of our investment perspective to seek new and exciting opportunities in unique locations. That's where other landowners come in. Our network and curiosity tends to present us new and exciting opportunities where the purchase of land can results in new places for business and trade, destinations or completely new residential areas.

Without good cooperation with the various municipalities we project in, we will get nowhere. Many development projects involve long processes where everyone involved needs to collaborate on small and large details, and then it is important to have clear processes that anchor and simplify the way forward, together.



Surrounding yourself and working with architects who understand our goals and philosophy around development is fundamental to the realisation of our projects. We work with newly established architects for their creativity, just as we work with well-known names for their experience and long relationships. Everything to make it easier for planning and revisions with municipalities to go smoothly and for the project to reach its full potential.

It is one thing to have a clear vision and create sustainable homes and places with architects and municipalities. It is another thing to actually build it and make the vision become reality. Within the framework that SPG sets up around its projects, regarding sustainability, materials, quality and budget, it is not possible to achieve our goals without partnerships with well-established contractors and our own network of suppliers.



that delivers


Visualisation: Envisioning Franzefoss

We don't

just develop


We build



We are a governing property developer that values our tight-knit relationships with long-term partners. We also see it as our responsibility to contribute with positive, sustainable, and health-promoting solutions towards our developments. Whether we are developing single properties or working with place, we create visions for the area development, anchor our ambitions with locals and municipality, and strive to interact in the most positive way with our surroundings.

Our focus is on how to create great environments for people to stay and live their lives, how we encourage diversity, how we execute our developments using sustainable materials and follow best practice for how to save energy, the high standards we set for our partners and suppliers, and how we provide a healthy work environment for those employed by SPG. We have a strategic approach to sustainability, in both Norway and Sweden. Our goal is that ESG and its rules and regulations will shape the foundation for how and what we develop now and in the future.

We sustain



Visualisation: Bakke + Kalkbyen + SPG

Feel free to contact our investment team below for further discussions about how we can help you as an investor, municipality or landowner. OurA long-term and sustainable partnerships are the foundation for how we grow our investment universe.

Opportunities for investing & partnership

For more info

please contact

Carl Zetterqvist

Carl has a degree in Real Estate Finance at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and previously worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland where he worked in roles within both the Global Restructuring Group and later RBS Nordisk Renting.

Knut Holte
Chairman of the Board

Knut is one of the founders of SPG. With 16 years in the property industry, he brings extensive knowledge to the group. Previously, Knut had management assignments at Hewlett Packard where he worked across the Nordics. Knut has started several successful venture companies and has a degree in business administration from BI School of Economics.

Maryam Tarighi
Chief Financial Officer

Maryam has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the International Business School in Jönköping. Before Maryam joined SPG, she worked as Investment Controller at Coeli Private Equity & Real Estate and also has audit experience at Deloitte.

We invest in place development for living and thriving, and build sustainable properties for work and innovation. Our driving force and focus on collaboration helps us lead the entire development process from land acquisition to completed homes and workplaces. This allows us to deliver a clear purpose and develop with new and added value.


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